Private Coaching

Laurie-Anne works with a handful of private clients one on one. In these sessions she uses multiple methodologies and approaches to get her clients results.

Group Programs

The United Queendom is a powerful community and group coaching program designed to support women in becoming the Queen of their lives.

Live Events

Laurie-Anne hosts monthly live events in the California Bay Area to bring women together in community. 

Speaking Gigs

Want Laurie-Anne to empower women at your organization? Top organizations like Google have brought Laurie-Anne in to teach. 

This is one of the most powerful teaching experiences I have ever had. This program has the power to show you things that otherwise, you didn’t even know where happening and holding you back. It really went beyond what I expected. It has had an amazing impact on how I see things now.

Elenora, Age 29

Out of my work with Laurie-Anne, I’ve gotten a deeper connection with my boyfriend, the courage to ask him for what I want more often, and peace in my relationship.