No Make Up – No Problem! Thanks Alicia Keys

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Rona Daneilo August 8, 2016

Thank you for sharing your experience. I can totally relate.

Kyla Dillard August 8, 2016

Sexy as ever, L.A.

Matt Gray August 8, 2016


Matt Gray August 8, 2016

You’re a goddess!

Thomas Kellaher August 8, 2016

You’re lovely either way my friend?.

Eliza Bullis August 8, 2016

Lookin fly!

Julie Migneault August 8, 2016

Inspired. xo

Either way my niece you are beautiful. Inside and out. ❤️ I stopped wearing makeup a long time ago. Now it might only be lipstick cause my Dad (grandpa) feels all ladies should wear lipstick. ??

Nathanael Connor August 8, 2016

Glad you are happy in your own skin

Brian Lalonde August 8, 2016

Love this. I wish more people wore less makeup. Your comment that this face is enough is just perfect!!

Sue Irwin August 8, 2016

Beautiful message, beautiful natural face! 🙂

Craig Wallace August 8, 2016

Love this, love you, love the way you look always!

E. Chloe' Lauer August 8, 2016

Yeah, I’m tired of make up and don’t wear it much. People notice when I wear mascara because it is so rare. I do like to wear a little tinted moisturizer and a little shimmer on my cheeks. A little touch goes a long way these days!

Garrell Herndon August 8, 2016

You’re delightful . . .

Shelby Cohen August 8, 2016


Jan Sharpe August 8, 2016

Gorgeous-your beauty so shining clear.

Genna Wood August 8, 2016

Like I’ll be honest, I thought you were driving and filming this at the same for the first minute and a half and was like “omg you really can accomplish anything without makeup. Is there anything she can’t do? ?”

Lauren Arrow August 8, 2016

Rockin!!! You’re MORE beautiful!

Isabel Joan August 8, 2016

Own it girl! You look great!

Kiki Federico August 8, 2016

I fucking love you

A.J. Maxwell August 8, 2016

I know it’s not for me to say… But you shine anyway! you are beautifulness… The light goddess… And make-up seems so trivial… You are so powerful… You should never wear make again! It distracts from your raw power… But of course… Unless you say otherwise!

Danielle King August 8, 2016


Antia Boyd August 8, 2016

Lindsay A. Miller check this out. ?

Jordan Trottier August 9, 2016

I don’t really agree with the sentiment you are making. How is makeup oppressive? Women wear it by choice. I mean I think Miley Cyrus is a clown also, but not because of her makeup. She is a fake person. I mean lots of women, and men come to think of it wear makeup for professional reasons or for personal reasons. If you feel ugly and undesirable without makeup, that is your own personal subjective experience. Seemingly biased off insecurity. All the power to you doing you and following your pursuit of happiness, but makeup, or no makeup. At the end of the day you still got to be happy with yourself. If not wearing makeup works for you, that’s awesome! But not every personal choice is a flag bearer of righteous discovery for unlocking hidden potential in others. It’s just makeup.

Jo Anna Wright August 9, 2016

Good girl, you are amazing… Regardless 😉

Chiara Bradstreet August 10, 2016


Tera Maxwell August 10, 2016

Love this

Ahalya Kethees August 11, 2016

I check you out all the time, make-up or not. Just saying’. ;)And now that I’ve seen you naked at the spa, I genuinely think you look better ‘au naturel’. Was that TMI? lol. I love you. I’m grateful we see beauty in one another on all days, make-up and no make-up. I have coincidently had more no make-up days lately, perhaps inside your clearing…and/or a combination of laziness, confidence, and not giving a f*$k. 😀

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